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Know Why "Pragyea" Tricycle Has Blue Number Plate

The tricycle popularly known in most Ghanaian communities as "Pragyea" has been always spotted with the number plate blue in color.

The reason is borne today as the media have gathered information from the police responsible for vehicles and licences.

According to the MTTD police, the tricycle (Pragyea) is considered as bicycle motor as it is not suppose to carry more than two people.

In fact, the tricycle is not commercialised and the police do not consider it to take more than two people. The fact is that, the DVLA gives them "private" licence and number plate (blue) and that does not permit them to use the vehicles for commercial purposes according to the laws of Ghana.

In this case, who ever is considered as a passenger of the tricycle (Pragyea) is not saved and covered with any form of insurance if any danger or accident occurs.

According to the drivers or riders of the Pragyea, most passengers complain about their services because of lack of insurance coverage. But they keep on with the business aside the numerous challenges.

They added that, police always prompt them not to take passengers more than two but they fall victims as culprits.

The media is advocating to know why the tricycle business could not be commercialised? Why the police allow them working while they know their services and vehicles are not duly accepted in Ghanaian laws?

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