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Road Accident

Road Accidents : Do this "ritual" before boarding a car to arrive safely at your destination.

The stats and figures about road accidents and the damages they have caused to life and properties are heartbreaking that road accidents always make the news headlines every now and then.

This post is our little effort to help reduce the rampant accidents on our roads which has claimed lots of lives, maimed people and damaged millions of properties.

We have put together some routine check and activities which has to be done by drivers, passengers and pedestrians to ensure safety on our roads.

We say it's a ritual, because by definition, a ritual is a way of behaving or a series of actions which people regularly carry out in a particular situation, because it is their custom to do so.

We say it's a ritual because these things has to be done as often as we use our vehicles and our roads to ensure safety of all road users being it passengers, drivers and pedestrians.

Nonetheless, whether you are a driver, passenger or pedestrian, these few tips along with many other more can help save your life.

As a passenger.

Enusre the driver is in his right state of mind and sober

Do a quick inspection of the vehicle you are about to board and satisfy yourself that it is safe before getting on board

Ensure you board from a recognized transport company especially when going on a long journey.

Ensure your seat belt has been properly fastened

Do well to notify the driver if you think he is overspeeding.

Report the driver to the next or nearest police checkpoint if you think he is driving recklessly.

Avoid detracting the driver unnecessarily.

As a driver.

Even if you don't drive at night, Enusre all head lights and fog lights are working.

Make sure all signal lights are working on the car.

The brakes, suspension, windscreen and wiper need to be in good condition all the time.

Perform routine checks on your car's tyres to make sure they are in good condition.

Obey all road traffic signs and regulations

Stick to speed limits.

Avoid overspeeding.

As a pedestrian.

Only cross then the traffic lights say do so, and in the absence of a traffic light, cross only when all approaching vehicles are not speeding and at best, stopped.

Zebra crossing are the only places your should cross the road, else use an overhead bridge.

Avoid distractions like using your phone when crossing the road.

Check left, right and left before crossing the road.

Don't assume the driver can see you in the night once his light reaches where you are. Stay off the roads at night and use the pedestrian walk.

When all these and other regulatory procedures are followed as more of a ritual and out of sheer will rather than out of the fear of being arrested, we are sure on the path of safer roads.

Content created and supplied by: MissChris (via Opera News )


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