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Theft robbery

I will not steal again; This is my last chance - Armed robber begs for pardon.

Everyday will forever be a good day for the thief and one day will surely favour the master. But bear in mind that, the one day for the master can make you regret of all the numerous times you have attacked or rob him. We cannot make it in this life if we did not put away the issues of dishonesty and bad means of looking for Money.

Another fearless armed robber in Assin has been arrested. The treatment giving to the said armed robber forced him to plead for mercy. He was beaten to the extent that, he cannot be identified. Angry youth, who arrested him beats him mercilessly.

Realsing that he cannot stop or stand on the attack and the beatings, the armed robber started to beg. According to the 29th old armed robber; all mob action against him should stop because, he is not going to steal again. The armed robber urges the angry Youth that, this is his last change and he will not steal or rob again, hence they should pardon him for breaking into peoples kiosk.

30 minutes of the link provided, has the evidence to the article.

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