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Why do you have to kill yourself when you are being rejected

Are you feeling incapable because of any kind of rejection in life? See rejection as an opportunity to improve not a reason to stop.

Some rejections truly happen because we aren't ready for it. When we get rejected, most of the people start to think themselves as a failure. They feel as if they are unworthy and accept that they are incapable. This is where one puts a halt to personal growth. Some people also try to commit suicide which is totally wrong. Whether it is a rejection in a relationship or a refusal in any other aspect of life, when things don't turn the way we want, we need to try and work it out by assessing our self too.

If you ever get rejected, try to look within yourself to see if you could have done things any differently. Analyze your actions and try to find if there is room for self-improvement. Work on your self and you will even turn that rejection into a reason for self-growth.

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