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I’ll Never Steal Again: Another Thief Arrested In Tadi, Forced To Dance As Punishment

Takoradi has a history of treating thieves and other criminals in a special way after they are caught red-handed. A few months ago, all thieves who were arrested in the act were forced to either dance, weed, or clean gutters as punishments. After the mob is satisfied, they release the thief to go without handing him over to the police.

Even though their actions have been condemned by some security experts who believe every thief should be handed over to the police, it seems residents are still bent on punishing thieves at their own discretion. There is a fresh case currently at Columbia, a community within the Sekondi Takoradi Metropolis. The young man, whose name has been given as Akwasi has been moving from one room to the other stealing the belongings of innocent residents.

He has weapons and sometimes inflicts wounds on his victims, the young people have been monitoring him for some time but never gets him arrested because he is always a step ahead. Last night, the mob took him by surprise when he broke through a window. He had apparently used the jack of a vehicle to break through the window. Unknowingly, he was being monitored and when he came out of the room, they grabbed him. He was shocked but there was nothing he could have done again.

The angry youth tied his waist to a rope and forced him to dance to Kwame Eugene’s open gate song. It was a moment of mixed feelings for him. He was dancing but his looks were not encouraging. His face was full of sadness but he was forced by the mob to pretend to be happy. He was stuck in one place because the rope could not allow him to move around, unfortunately, the faces of the angry mob who forced him to laugh and dance were not captured but they could be heard issuing commands in the background.

This particular thief will never forget this day in his life. He also promised never to steal again in his life. Even though he was not sent to the police station, the punishment can make him stop stealing at once. But what the mob did to him amounts to instant justice which should never be entertained. When a thief is arrested, a formal complaint should be made at the police station and the laws will deal with them accordingly.

Content created and supplied by: BeaNana (via Opera News )

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