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Sad news: The only son of a Cripple Mother shot dead in Central Region - Angel TV confirmed.

The celebration of the annual festival by the people of the central Region of Ghana turns bloody. The shooting aspect of the festival is what generated the whole desaster. We are still in dilemma about how the Chief in the Central Region of Ghana did not eliminate the shooting aspect from their festival in this modern days

Awutu Breku in Central Region Awutu Brebia

"As a result a result of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the leaders and the elders in Awutu Breku in the Central Region decided not to do a massive festival this year. But the aggressiveness from the youth initiated the celebration of the Awutu Brebia Festival this year. The shooting is another aspect of the festival but it ended on a bad note. The shooting claimed the life on a 9 years old boy who is the only son of a Cripple woman in Awutu Breku." - Opanin Darko Narrate the account from central Region to Kwadwo Dickson on Angel TV

Aside of the death of the young boy, two other people are currently in a critical condition at one of the prominent hospitals in the Central Region of Ghana. We are therefore urging the Government to initiate policies which will prevent outdated cultural practices which is at risk of claiming life's of people.

The problem at hand now is who is going stay with the cripple mother living in the wheelchair. Things will be very difficult for her as the 9 years old is her only son. Our best condolences to the Woman and the family as well.

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