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Hello MTN, Why Are You Unjustly Punishing Momo Agents This Way?

Why are you unjustly punishing momo agents for using invalid ID cards presented by customers for momo transaction? Are you not aware there are many fake IDs in the system? Why have you blocked them and seized their monies in addition. What kind of wickedness is that? Didn't you anticipate this state of affairs when introducing this policy? 

You don't even have a real time authentication system in place to reject transactions without valid ID cards. How would momo agents, most of whom are not well educated and technically informed to identify an invalid ID card from a valid one when even you, you can't do it in real time? 

I made the point few months ago that the introduction of ID cards into momo will lead to chaos, delays and will achieve nothing. The whole concept is akin to the introduction of an analog layer in a digital process. Very primitive! 

I've always maintained that the use of ID cards during momo transaction is not the solution to momo fraud. It only goes to reveal MTN's lack of understanding of momo fraud. Nobody steals another person's phone, goes to momo agents to cash out money from the phone. Even if anything like this happens, it does not constitute momo fraud in the true sense of the word. 

The attempt by some people to compare momo cash out to cashing a cheque at the bank relative to the use of or need for ID card is funny. From January 2021 till now I've not taken any cheque to any bank to cash but I've done momo cash out more than a hundred times. The story is the same for many. 

Taking money from Momo and taking money from bank using cheque are not the same. With momo, my cash is with me. But with bank, my cash is with another. With momo, I'm withdrawing money from a system under my own control. But with cheque/bank, I'm taking money from another person's bank account which is in another person's possession and control. The two are not the same. 

You've introduced a so called security feature without educating all momo agents. Now, because of ignorance, some of them are making mistakes. What do you do in such a situation? Is punishing them the way to go? Meanwhile, you're the cause of the problem. 

Momo agents are being robbed and killed by criminals all over the country. You're not bothered about that. Instead of putting measures in place to protect them, you're molesting them as though they don't matter. If momo agents across the country should lay down their tools, you'll collapse because momo is now your cash cow.

Stop putting impediment in the way of momo subscribers. The erection of an extra layer of verification when Momo already has built in system of verification leaves much to be desired. You can do better than this. 

Now, my wife knows my momo pin. So if my wife takes my phone with my valid ID card to a momo agent to withdraw money, the momo agent must disallow the transaction because she's not the holder of the momo account and the bearer of the ID card. However, if the momo agent decides to perform the transaction using his/her discretion, can MTN detect and reject this transaction because it was not done by me?

Content created and supplied by: JamalMoredie (via Opera News )


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