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It Is Very Painful, What A Wife Did At The Funeral That Left people In Tears

The mental health trauma of losing a child and husband is devastating. A woman cried uncontrollably during the burial of her late husband and two children.  

It was reported earlier this week that the late husband, who was a medical doctor, killed his two children and later killed himself, leaving only his wife with nothing.

She cried profusely with all she had inside her. She wept on the ground, threw herself on the ground, and was dumbfounded. She could not bear the pain of losing her two children and, at the same time, her husband.

She stood beside their three graves and said, "I cannot take it anymore." She said she wants to die because the pain is too much to bear. My children are gone, my husband is gone. 

People tried to console her and let her know it was not the end of the world. We pray this woman finds the strength to move on and leave her life. Burying your only two children and husband at the same time is one of the most devastating feelings.

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