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Man Sneaks Into his Grandmother's Bedroom at Night Before Attempting to Make Love with her in Bed

A man was on Friday arrested after allegedly attempting to rape his 86-year-old grandmother. He Was nabbed soon after fleeing the crime scene when the elderly woman raised an alarm.

In the wee hours of the morning, 24-year-old Stephen attempted to engage in the act with his grandmother. That fateful night, his plan to please himself went awry.

As soon as he entered his 86-year-old grandmother's bedroom, the 24-year-old Stephen crawled into her bed, and grabbed her neck and mouth to make sure she couldn't make a sound. After all this, she went for his satisfaction something that did not go according to plan.

Despite her age, the 86-year-old mother screamed at the top of her lungs and fought her grandson off with all her strength. Stephen was fed up with the elderly woman's resistance, so he knocked her leg with a chair before he left because he feared that neighbors could come after him.

After the incident, a massive manhunt was initiated for the perpetrator, and he was arrested for the crime he did. His arraignment has yet to take place in court. Do you think Stephen was possessed, under a spell or influenced by a bad spirit. 

What do you think? Could it be he's a ritualist wanted to sleep with her grandmother for money ritual, what do you think was his motives for attempting to sleep with her own grandmother. 

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