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Massive reactions as 1983 and 2022 happens to have the same calendar year

In 1983, Ghana and some parts of Africa experienced a drought leading to famine. There were no rains for several months and resulted in several bush fires. This famine in the country started in 1981 then made it way to 1982 and then had its peak in 1983. There were no food anywhere and even the rich found it difficult to get food despite having enough money. During the same year, Nigerians deported all Ghanaians in their country back to Ghana. So the number persons chasing for food were a lot. This resulted in several deaths and illness.

The current year(2022) happens to have the same year as 1983. Both years have equal dates, time, days and exact time. However, this famine is never expected to happen this year since everything seems to be in order currently. It is even raining in this harmattan period.

There have been some reactions on social media. Below are some comments.

The 1983 famine is not expected to happen in 2022 despite having the same calendar year. However some people are of the view that, this current government can make Ghanaians go hungry due to poor management of the economy. Others believe that, the cost of items seem to increase each and everyday.

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