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Theft robbery

Know the difference between stealing, robbery and armed robbery according to the Law in Ghana

Every country is guided by laws and to live peacefully, it is better to abide by it. The law is not there to put fear in us but to protect us. The law is your friend so it is better to know his character. It is important to know that, ignorant of the law is not an excuse. The law is our friend though, but stepping on its toes can lead to a whole lot of issues.

We are going to delve into the law on stealing, robbery and armed robbery in Ghana. These offences can be found in the criminal and other offences Act(1960) Act 29 of Ghana.

Stealing is defined under section 125 of the offences act as dishonest appropriation of a thing which that person is not the owner. So taking a thing that does not belong to you can be termed as stealing and the law frowns at it. According to section 120, an appropriation of a thing is dishonesty if:

1. It is made of with intend to defraud or

2. Without a claim of right and Without the consent of of the owner.

It is important to note that stealing is a second degree felony offence. Felony mean serious crime or a crime of high seriousness.

Robbery section 149 - a person who steals a thing commits robbery if:

1. In and for the purpose of stealing the thing, that person use force or caused harm to any person or

2. If that person uses a threat or criminal assault or harm to any other person with intent to prevent or overcome the resistance of other person to the stealing of the thing.

Furthermore, any robbery with use of offensive object like knife, hammer, gun etc is known as armed robbery.

So what the above explains is that, when someone takes your thing without your consent, it is termed as stealing; when a person criminally assaults or forces you to take your asset, it is known as robbery but when you are being forced at a point of a gun or other offensive weapon is known as armed robbery. Thanks for reading. Please share and like.

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