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African Mothers Never Disappoint, She Beats The Hell Out Of Her Son Instead of Helping Him (+Video)

Social media users are reacting to video that reflects an American mother and an African mother; how they both bring up their children. 

Sometimes children do certain things not that they are not aware of the implications but because of curiosity. In this video, an American child is sitting on a bare bucket, unfortunately he go stuck after his waist went deep into the bucket, he cried for help from the mother. Quickly the mother run to him to help him out. The mother and father helped him out. They may call the Doctor to come and check-up on him. Fine!!

Thereafter, an African child was also sitting on a bare bucket while his mother was sweeping and unfortunately for him, too, he got stuck. He cried and called the mother to help him. The mother didn't help him. Instead, she went for a reed and started beating him up, though the child was still stuck. 

The beating and the pain has rather helped the little boy to get out easily. Eii!! You know, Africans have their own unique ways of teaching their children. Learning life the hard way that's an African parent up bringing. And this was just another way an African mum teaches how to survive even when she is no longer with you. 

Have you ever been beating outside and cried home instead of you mum to consoles you, she again beat you for fighting outside?

What's your take on this? Any experience? Watch video Here, and drop comments.

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