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Have you wondered why there has been excess heat in the past one week? Here are the reasons

The past few days have been very challenging for most inhabitants of Ghana, in the Northern part in particular, due to the amount of heat that has been present, most especially at night. Interestingly, though, this is not the first time such excess heat has been witnessed in this part of the world. If you can recall, there was a similar occurrence some time last year, only that the one of this year is higher.

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Well, whether we want to believe it or not, this will last for some more weeks before the weather will be normalized. Again, the ongoing heat won't stop later and stop forever, no. As the years are unfolding, more heat will be witnessed from time to time on yearly basis.

Surprise? Don't be. The heat we presently experience won't stop in subsequent years as long there are inhabitants on planet Earth. As the world's population increases and the dwellers get involved in some activities, excess heat will eventually become a tradition.

Presently, we are experiencing climatic change but not a coincidental or accidental kind. The climatic change is as a result of the activities of humans.

What then are the causes? Simple. Humans are the major causes in the following ways:

1. Transportation

Transportation is one of the major causes of excessive heat tied to climatic change. There has been an increase in car ownership in recent times, courtesy of young boys who are into "Yahoo business", and those cars are powered through fossil fuels. As the car burn fuel to power their engines, carbon and other significant pollutants which affect air and water quality in the surface of the Earth.

2. Deforestation

The incessant cutting down of trees has contribution to the production of heat. As houses are built in every nook and cranny, trees in the location of the building sites are cut down. Aside that, woods are daily cut for the production of building materials and papers. During deforestation, there is release of carbon dioxide and reduction in the amount of carbon dioxide that trees can hold.

3. The increase use of fertilizers by farmers is also a factor. The use of fertilizers that have high level of nitrogen can increase the amount of heat the land of crop can store. Science has revealed that, nitrogen oxides can trap up to 300 times more heat than carbon dioxide.

From the aforementioned, so long humans keep on getting involved in those activities, the production of excess heat will be inevitable. Like I said, the heat won't stop permanently. There will be reoccurrence (maybe worse) after this one is over.

Therefore, enjoy it while it lasts.

Quick question. How is the heat like in your area? Because it will definitely be higher in some areas than the others.

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