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Three Major Legal Principles that Ghanaians Should Not Take For Granted Under New IGP

The Ghana Police Service under the newly confirmed Inspector General of Police (IGP) has signald a warning message to all Ghanaians

And I believe, it is time Ghanaians were told the simple truth that can possibly save us. 

The Ghana Police Service is mandated to maintain law and order. 

This mandate is found in the 1992 constitution of Ghana. 

The Ghana Police Service operation is further guided by laws such as the Police Service Act, 1970 (Act 350) and the Police Service regulation 2012 (C.I 76).

Its functions are :

1. To prevent and detect crime,

2. To apprehend offenders and 

3.To maintain public order and safety of persons and properties.

 Ghana Police, therefore has the powers as enshrined in the 1992 Constitution, the Police Service Act and the Police Service Regulation to provide security for the nation. 

There are legal principles that makes every person liable before the law. 

These legal principles or maxims of the law are general rules that allows the law to be effective and applicable whenever necessary. 

These legal principles are listed below:

1. 'No one is above the law'. 

2. 'The law is no respector of persons'. 

3. Ignorance of the Law is no Excuse. 

The first principle 'No one is above the law' simply means that the supremacy of the law isn't limited to the status of any person. 

Any person who may be living within the jurisdiction or the confines of Ghana's boundaries will be made to face the full rigorous of the law when he or she goes contrary to what the law says. 

But do you even know what the law says? 

The second principle which states that, "The law is no respector of persons" which is similar to the first one also implies that everybody will be treated the same way when they commit an offense. 

The third principle is even more 'dangerous' and allows the laws to work despite the circumstances that lead one to commit a particular offense. 

This important legal principle says “ignorance of the law is no excuse.” 

This only means that, you can't defend your actions by just arguing that you didn't know they were illegal. 

That is, even if you honestly did not realize you were breaking the law.

Just as the laws were enacted to protect and safeguard people and the society, the law itself needed to be protected. 

And these principles that binds everyone to the laws of our land are in place to ensure that. 

Inasmuch as you cannot know every bit of what the law says, you must allow the moral values and principles which guides the Ghanaian culture influence your conducts and behavior. 

Note again that, no one is above the law; the law is no respector of any person and also ignorance of the law is not an excuse. 

If you are embarking on anything and you are not sure of its legal implications, take the pain and find out first. 

Remember the fake pregnant Takoradi lady didn't anticipate her actions could end her in the Police cells. 

Jesus Ahuofe, Shatta Wale, and Medikal are all in the firm grips of Ghana Police because they didn't know their actions could end them there. 

Don't allow yourself to be the next victim! 

Content created and supplied by: AJArthurOpare (via Opera News )

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