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Fare Thee Well, Hajia Mariama Bawumia

News of a great gathering on October 24, 2021 is everywhere. And from the tropical vegetations of east Asia to the cold and windy climate of Europe, and by land and air, mourners will proceed to the historic Kingdom of Mamprugu to pay respect to a celebrated queen mother, a stateswoman and a woman who served as mother to all, Hajia Mariama Bawumia

The intricate sound of the royal lungsi (drums) will echo loudly amidst the praises by griots tracing the historical traditions and lineage of royal chiefs, princes and princesses gathered. The atmosphere will be charged and traditional dancers drenched in sweat will rock to the majestic tunes and rhythms of damba. The humming from recitations of the Holy Quran by the Ulaama (clerics) praying for mercies for the deceased will dominate certain periods of the occasion. 

Sorrowful tributes will be read by family and the father of the Nation President Akufo-Addo will climax the expression of condolences from all sympathizers and well wishers. This and many more will be how the nation, cultures and international community will mourn a stateswoman who for several decades was a companion to a doyen of Northern politics H. E. Alhaji Mumuni Bawumia of blessed memory. She lived a fulfilled life by helping him nurture their children and several others who considered her husband a role model. She, for the past 5 years, served as the mother of arguably the greatest Vice President of Ghana in history. 

Humility and welcoming with a beaming smile were the hallmark of her interactions with the elderly and young. Her unifying spirit and love for all earned her the affectionate name "maame".  She was revered and regarded as a matriarch by women in Mamprugu and the vacuum created due to her demise could be noticed in the emotional expression of sadness and despair by the women folk of the Kingdom following news of her demise. To all those who will gather, let us be positively influenced by Hajia's kind and fulfilled life. She was a woman who successfully established herself academically at a time when education was difficult to access. This serves as a motivation for our ladies to remain relentless in their academic journey. She was a mother who nurtured her children upon goodness and discipline and this is worthy of emulation by all mothers. She was a stateswoman who gave everything to her nation and will be sorely missed. 

Fare thee well Hajia Maame and may Allah have mercy upon your gentle soul... Aameen

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