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Road Accident

Find The Meaning Of These Road Signs To Help Reduce Road Accidents In Ghana

Let's try and take a moment of our precious time to acquaint ourselves with these road signs to contribute our quota to helping in reducing incidences of road accidents in Ghana.

Sample photo of some road signs commonly seen on our roads in Ghana.

Indeed, we have been hit severely and severally, as a people, by road accidents over the years. However, the number of casualties which gave been recorded thus far, in this year alone, is alarming.

In just a matter of the 1st 3 months of this year, over 700 road accident casualties were recorded. Considering this looming catastrophe, it is about time we individually got our selves accustomed to the meanings of the numerous number of road signs we see daily on our roads.

Another Sample picture road signs commonly seen on our roads.

In fact, it is indisputable that the neglect of these road signs is one of the greatest contributors to the innumerable number of road accidents we have recorded over the years.

Hence, I would entreat you to make time, to go through these road symbols or signs in the pictures to help eradicate road accidents.

More samples of road signs and their meanings.

As soon as you finish going through them, don't hesitate to share this with your friends, your loved ones, and on all your social media platforms. By so doing, you would not only be helping to prevent road accidents, but you would be saving lives as well.

Content created and supplied by: _kusiboateng (via Opera News )


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