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Road Accident

'This is what happens when you allow over speeding to lead you' - Rescuers bash Tafo Mile 2 driver

A driver who has been miraculously saved after a ghastly accident on the Tafo Mile 2 Road, has received several criticisms from the first responders who troop in their numbers to save him after the accident. The driver, 37, identified by his ID cards in his wallet, was said to have been disobeying road signals and that lead to his accident, some residents argued. 

Bismark Obeng, 37, was driving from Tafo to Pekyi using the Mile 2 Road when he suddenly lost control of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck. The road wasn't slippery so blaming the road will be unnecessary. Other cars are using the road right now, and none of them has gotten into an accident. It is just a reckless driver driving recklessly knowing well the weather isn't favourably, the assemblyman for Mile 2 Electoral Area said in pushing the blame to Bismark Obeng.

I was coming from the roundabout, heading towards Tafo when I saw the pick up jumping off the highway and landing on the bypass. It was raining but wasn't heavy rain that should somersault a car with such weight. A truck like this weighs over one ton so blaming the rains for the accident is not the right thing. If he could have slow down, he wouldn't have had the accident. 

If the rains were the cause, the car would have made a zigzag movement on the highway before somersaulting but that wasn't what happened. The car jumped right off the road and somersaulted twice before landing on the grass, Dr Antwi Amankwah, one of the first responders who witnessed and saved Bismarck Obeng narrated.

Dr Antwi was on his way to the Tafo hospital to attend to his morning shift when he witnessed the accident. With the help of others, Bismarck was rescued from the accident before Dr Antwi Amankwah gave him first aid. Bismarck has been driven to the Tafo Hospital for further treatment while Tafo police officers are on their way to the accident scene.

This is what happens when you allow overspeeding to lead you, you get into accidents, and incurs heavy costs. Now the hospital bills will be on his family, repairing the car will also be on his family. And all these could have been avoided if he had slow down. Speed destroys so don't fall for it, the assemblyman Francis Sekyi said in counselling others to avoid speed on major roads.

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