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(Photos):Meet the 185 year old man who said death has almost forgotten him

Maharaniasi Murasi was born in the republic of BangaloreThanks for clicking this article,please follow AkuaNews for more information.

It is a great blessing to grow old without facing any disease. Old age is one of the blessings humans need to enjoy.Old age can be achieved through many things.It could be either the kind of food you eat or the kind of exercise one usually practice.It is the vision of all humans to live long without going through any difficulties.Meet the 185 old man who said death has almost forgotten him.This man is a native of Bangalore.His name is Maharaniasi Murasi,this man was born in 1835.All his age mates has joined the ancestral choir long time ago leaving him alone on this earth.He sometimes voice to his sons and daughters that,he thinks death has forgotten him.Nobody knows the secrete behind his old age.His old age truly serves as a great blessing for his family and the entire Bangalore Nation for having this man.Please follow this article,as I showcase the images of the 185 year old man.His pictures are shown underneath.Many people doubt his age and he showed some documents in British system to prove his age.His old age has made many people to think that he has a divine favour that has showered on him to live to this end.Looking at his appearance clearly redefines how old Murasi is.This old man finds it difficult to eat,talk and sleep because of his condition.Things are not the same as when he was in his 70s.A lot of people think that this man is not up to that age,but according to research he is 185 years old.My question is, "How can death forgot somebody" With this question,I need your answer via the comment box.Please like and share this article.Thank you for reading this article.

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