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3 Strange Reasons Why People Take Alcohol

As an African, We can all Bear in Mind that Alcohol is one beverage that Is part of us, its part of our culture and ways of doing things including being used for traditional incantations and also at marriage ceremonies as part of bride price.

The Development started ages ago and it has become like a generational fettle. People have however asked a very technical question regarding alcoholism and one I can remember include, "Why do alcohol adverts exclude people who are drunk?, are they ashamed of their customers?".

Several People ordinarily, take in alcohol to feel less pain and sorrow as the society piles them with lots of problems, also the intake of alcohol can be linked to enjoyment and chilling in most societies but these are the major reason why some people take alcohol.

Firstly, People Take Alcohol to Reduce their Ego, Bear in Mind that people who take alcohol have their Ego deflated and as a result respect more and are humble, it's very difficult to reduce one's Ego when you have a clean face except you are groomed from childhood to be used to the shit people throw at you, but once you take alcohol, your ego reduces from 80 to 20 After a bottle or a tot.

Secondly, People Take Alcohol to Keep Friends, some people are moved by Peer group influence and would want to keep their friends by doing what they do, once someone has a best friend who takes alcohol, he or she is persuaded to take it in order to go well with his/her friend, if not you wont be able to share ideas or secrets, one may appear to be wise whilst the other appears to be acting silly, this may be perceived as not speaking a good volume.

Thirdly, to Release Shyness, once you take inn alcohol, shyness moves far from you, you can even insult people without fear or favor, so once someone wants to tell you a bitter truth to your face without shyness, they take alcohol and in the end, their act is blamed on alcohol.

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