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Beware of fraudsters: See their new ways of getting your money

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Many Ghanaians have suffered in the hands of some youths of today who use a deliberate, deceitful, dishonest, and untrue way of getting money from the accounts of others (Fraudulent activities).

However, these young guys keeps changing their ways and procedures of taking people's money into themselves since their method of operations sometimes become well known to people.

These fraudsters who always engaged in fraudulent activities have adopted another method of receiving your money straight into their accounts. Read through patiently below and be vigilant.

They will first ask you to pay like 200 Ghana Cedis to buy Credit card worth $50.00. And after that , they will enter a few apps and show you edited screenshots of your name and the supposed transaction.

You will then see that the transaction will be pending or can’t go through. If you see that the transaction is pending, you will be desperate to pay more to get a bigger credit card to get your money or get more money.

So you will keep on paying till you give up and when you can’t pay anymore, they will say they bought credit cards with your money and can’t do anything about it . Later you can’t reach them again, and that’s the whole point of the game.

All the screenshots they post as adverts on social media platforms are not customers, they are their accomplices.

If they succeeded in frauding a desperate client by taking the client’s money, they use that money or credit card and might get some money from one or more of them.

They then contact other people (since they can’t use their own numbers for withdrawal more than twice) and use the contacts of these people to do the transaction and share the money in percentages and these percentages takes are the screenshots they use as bait.

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