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The Alarming Rate Of Alcohol And Illegal Drugs Among The Youth In Ghana.

The evidence is in , and the word is out . Alcohol and illegal drugs ruin lives, sometimes end lives.

Today, the rate at which the youth are engaging in alcohol and drugs is becoming alarming and disturbing despite everything that's known about the harmful effects of these substances, they are readily available to young people . And the youth and children continue to use them.

In infact, drugs use by young people is on the rise , it has been up sharply. Nearly 40 percent of high school seniors had used some Kind of illegal drugs making it a trend for the day . The trend is very alarming. Why would young people risk everything by using alcohol and illegal drugs ? What will it take to turn the trend around.

It's rare to get through high school these days without being offered some kind of illegal drugs. Some of these substances that are causing concern today have been around for years . Others are new but the rate at which the people are engaging in drugs today is disgusting and nothing to write home about.

Today, I might blame the authorities because nowadays all the system regulating the country are no more working for when a drug pusher is arrested they managed to find their ways out by giving something small to the officers who got them arrested. And as a result of that they don't see any thing wrong when dealing with drugs since they have all the police officers in their pockets.

Among the youth today, marijuana is the second most widely abused drug. Marijuana is about ten times stronger than the marijuana of those days. It contains scores of chemicals. One in particular THC affects the brain.

Every reasonable Country's development depends on the manpower of that county and who are the manpower ? The youth forms the integral and important part of the county. But here in my country about 7o percent of the youth are all into one or more illegal drugs making the country suffer.

What are the chiefs and authorities doing about this ? Today almost all the communities across the country can testify to this . Are we really safe in Ghana ?

What can we do as a nation to help the youth.

Information about illegal drugs should be available at all shops and super markets and if possible at all recreational centers. Education is one part of the fight against illegal drugs. Cutting off the supply is another.

Despite the efforts of Ghana police, state and local law enforcement agents, illegal drugs continue to be widely sold. They are smuggled across borders and other unidentified routes.

The Ghana police service must visit schools to teach kids about drugs and stop extorting money from people even though it may be a tough task but it is going to be encouraging.

To stop the increase in drugs among the youth and kids, we will have to fight it all three ways, through education, law enforcement and treatment.

We all have a role to play for the betterment of mother Ghana . We must desist from unscrupulous behaviors and help make our Homeland great and strong.

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