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Meet The Man Without Legs Who Ride Bicycle To Farm In Order To Cater For His Sick Parents.

Life is full of uncertainties as one may ponder on why will people born to enjoy whiles others grieve throughout their life. 'When life throws you trials and tribulations , shield your destiny with courage, faith and perseverance to overcome these trials" said by Ango who lost both of his legs when he was a kid. Disability is not inability well explained here as Ango rides bicycle each day to farm, fetch water and repair shoes in order to cater for his sick parents. The family who hails from Kenya, are in dilemma because the father lost one leg in a car accident and the mother also breast is amputated due to breast cancer.

Sometimes it may be difficult to understand why should such calamity befalls on just one family as they do not live only with this health conditions but also in severe poverty.

Come to think of it, Ango who is without legs works to cater for his sick parents but there are able bodied man doing all sort of bad work such as gambling, armed robbery, scamming which the society frowns at. People like Ango are those who need our help most from the society as he once said its his dream to become a mechanic and looking forward to someone help him to enroll in part-time mechanic school.

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