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Theft robbery

Strange World: Man wakes up in the morning to find out that the gate to his house has been stolen.


What a world we live in today. It now looks as though each and every day there's some strange news here or there. Some of these news are good, funny and appealing to the ears but most often than not others are quite sad and appalling. But the news of a man waking up to find the main gate to his own house stolen is one that has a mixed reaction of being sad and funny. What we've always known is that, when thieves are breaking into a house they would either open the gate by destroying the padlock or if needs be, jumping the wall would be their last option.

In today's day and age, thieves have become a little sophisticated devising many tactics and antics in stealing. There are several instances within and outside Ghana where thieves have broken into homes in some weired ways. Some of the world's well known robberies were very much orchestrated and executed. A typical example is what we witness in the award winning movie "Money Heist". Though a movie, it looks quite real and possible.

In Nigeria, one of the well known robbers was Lawrence Anini who terrorised the Nigerian people in the 1980's until he was captured and executed by firing squad. Here in Ghana, the most sophisticated thief has decided to remove a entire gate to a house. This picture circulating on social media showing a house with the gate to its entrance missing makes one wonder, "what on earth was wrong with the thief"?. Why would he steal someone's gate. Of all the items in the house it was the gate the thief thought of stealing. There are two possible reasons one could think of, which are either he was stealing the gate to be sent to the scrap dealers for melting or he probably has a personal qualm with the house owner, or maybe he'd be coming back to steal more items in the house so he's probably making the work easier the next time he comes.


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