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Ladies Beware Of Who You Date See How A Young Lady Was Alledgedly Murdered By Her Boyfriend

Ladies Beware Of Who You Date! See How A Young Lady Was Alledgedly Murdered By Her Boyfriend

John PApr 12, 2021

A 23- year- old man, Adeeko Owolabi, reportedly reunited with a 42- year- old pastor who claimed to be the pastor of a white robe church, Segun Philip, to kill his girlfriend, Favor Daley- Oladele.

The Ogun State Police Command on Sunday said it had arrested Philip, as well as Owolabi, in connection with the murder of Daley- Oladele, a final year of Sociology at Lagos State University.

Owolabi, after his arrest, recounted how he used his girlfriend to prepare lunch for himself and his mother who he said were broken.

Owolabi, who was arrested by police in Ikoyi- Ile province in Osun province, admitted that he had once conspired with Philip to kill his girlfriend as a tradition.

Ogun Provincial Police Public Relations Officer, Abimbola Oyeyemi, revealed this in a statement on Sunday in Abeokuta.

Oyeyemi explained that the two suspects were arrested by Mowe Division police officers in Ikoyi- Ile in Osun province.

The statement read in part, " The deceased has reportedly gone home to a place he did not know since December 8, 2019 and has not been seen since; That is why he was reported missing by his parents at Mowe Police Station.

" In the report given, the popular DPO of Mowe Division, SP Marvis Jayeola, elaborated ordered their investigators to uncover all the mystery of the sudden disappearance of the 22- year- old young lady.

" Investigators undertook a thorough technical investigation and trial and their efforts paid off when the deceased' s movements were followed by a white- clad white church in Ikoyi- Ile in Osun province led by one Segun Philip.

" Upon his arrival at the church, the self- proclaimed priest was immediately arrested, but he quickly informed the detectives that the girl had been brought to him by her boyfriend, Adeeko Owolabi, who was still near the church.

" The boyfriend was tracked down and arrested immediately. "

PPRO added that during the investigation, Owolabi allegedly lured his girlfriend from Lagos to Osun State.

Owolabi also admitted that while using a pestle to hit his girlfriend' s head while she was asleep, his pastor cut her neck.

He also revealed that the self- proclaimed clergyman had opened up his girlfriend' s chest, removed his heart, and used it to prepare a meeting for him.

He said his family' s financial situation led him to go to a pastor who asked him to bring a human being into the tradition.

" During cross- examination, Adeeko Owolabi admitted to the police that the deceased was his girlfriend and that he had lured her to Ikoyi- Ile where he had finalized plans with the so- called pastor Segun Philip to use the money culture.

" He also revealed that while the girl was asleep, the pastor gave her a pair of pants, which he used to hit the girl' s head. The pastor quickly used a knife to cut off her neck, tore his chest and his heart, which he used to prepare a meal for himself and his mother.

" When asked what led him to this satanic act, Owolabi explained that he had decided to go to a financial institution because things were not going well for his parents financially, especially his mother who used to support the family.

" When he sought help from the pastor, he was asked to bring someone for that purpose and the person who was present at the time was his girlfriend, " Oyeyemi said.

PPRO said Police Commissioner Kenneth Ebrimson had instructed the suspects to be transferred to the Department of Criminal Investigation and the Intelligence Service for a proper investigation.

" The CP, which has described the brutal murder of the deceased as a ' gross crime, ' has promised to ensure that all suspects face the full force of the law. 

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