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Road Accident

A Man Was Caught Chopping A Lady On Motor Bike-See The Full Details

These days, people mostly do things you cannot imagine. People involve themselves in risky things, but after doing them, they call it an achievement. They don't care whether what they are doing can kill them or not; they just continue despite the fact that they are being watched.

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A man was caught chopping a lady on a motorbike on the street. This motor rider has positioned the lady in front of him on the motor bike while the bike is moving. The rider of the bike continues to chop the lady on the bike on the road.

For me This act is very dangerous because it can lead to an accident and both of them can die, but they don't actually think about that, or maybe a car might knock them off. They just enjoyed themselves and drove away. They never thought of shyness because it was in public. They just kept doing their thing. 

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