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A lady was caught doing something at a baby funeral that got people angry

Funerals are one of the most difficult occasions in our lives to deal with. They leave people in a lot of agony and with a lot of unanswered questions, such as "why did this happen to me?"

A photo of a child's burial that went viral on Twitter has been trending on the social media for the past few days. Due to the small size of the casket, it is likely that the boy was not even a toddler when he was laid to rest. When it comes to the coffin-carrier, he appears to be standing with a really sad expression on his face in the shot.

There is a social compulsion to cry at funeral. If a person does not cry after a loved one is dead, the people assume that the person doesn't love the dead one. Due to this social compulsion, there are people who try to cry. And trust me this is the sad.

Things get ugly when a person has died due to unnatural death such a suicide, accident, etc. People start to make theories and place the blame on a family memeber who is not crying or crying the least. 

Immediately to his right is a woman who, for some reason, she's smiling at thar time. It puzzled many why she would be smiling at an event where she had no cause to, especially in front of a camera.

In fact, the sad moment is the most melancholy aspect of a funeral ceremony, as it is a time of mourning . Seeing someone smile at such a moment would be illogical.

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