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I Nearly Fought with the Fuel Attendants After, I Bought 50 Cedis Petrol My Fuel Gauge Never moved

The lines on the gas gauge representing the fuel level increases as the fuel in the tank goes up and decreases when the fuel in tank goes down, that is low fuel level. There has been a change in the fuel prices at the filling station, the number of liters that used to fill the tank has gone up due to the price hike. If a driver buys fuel at the pumps, his eyes is on the fuel gauge hoping the line will shoot up to reflect the amount paid for the fuel.

Mona Gucci, the outspoken presenter on Onua television show “Biribi Gyegye wo” stated on live television show that, she nearly apprehended a fuel attendant at the filling station after she was served at the filling station. Mona Gucci stated that, she used to buy fifty Ghana cedis fuel at the filling station, any time she buy a fifty cedis fuel the line moves up a little bit, this time after she was served with the fifty Ghana cedis worth of petrol, the line never moved and she nearly approached the fuel attendant.

Mona Gucci further stated that, she complained about the fuel and she was later told, the price has gone up hence the reason for not seeing the impact of her fifty cedis worth of fuel. Mona Gucci back the call for the fix the country movement. She stated that these are the things the government need to fix in the country.

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