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Love In Shambles: Moment Couple Exchange Punches Like UFC Pro Fighter (Photos & Video)

Domestic violence has been something going for ages but these days thanks to video cameras and social media we get to know all those who have been suffering from domestic violence. 

Many think that it is only women who suffer from Domestic violence, men also suffer too. But we can say that women suffer from it more. In places like South Africa, it has become a regular something, women are being harmed over there by their spouses. 

However the case today is unclear as to what started the fight. 

I was scrolling through the internet when I came across a disturbing video of two couples throwing punches at each other. 

From the pictures you can see above, the girl landed punches on the boy's face until he got angry and returned triple of the punches the girl landed on him. 

I don’t know what caused the fight, but from the video, the girl was the one throwing punches at the boy and out of anger he decided to retaliate. It could be that she caught him cheating and decided to hit him out of pain because girls normally do that. 

Watch the video:

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Love In Shambles South Africa UFC Pro Fighter


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