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Western region faces another kidnap incident as beautiful young lady’s life depends on the police

The western region are giving the country something to talk about once again after the horrible and terrifying kidnap issues hit this zone not long ago.

We have seen actual kidnaps take place and so have we seen other staged or faked kidnap cases which have all gained the attention of the police and Ghanaians.

According to a news report this morning from Utv, another young lady who went to church on the 17th of October never returned home.

This young and good looking lady according to these reports left him to go to church and never made her way back after promising her boyfriend a visit.

Ghana has not always been this way and this begins to scare the citizens about what is actually going on.

Civilization should have nothing to do with kidnaps and killings and this makes us question ourselves on whether we are taking some steps back or forward like we are supposed to.

After the latest kidnap hoax from Juliana hit the country, Stephanie Kumiwaa, a young lady from a town called Boho in the western region has also been kidnapped.

The boyfriend of this kidnapped lady, Stephen Kumi who waited for his girlfriend from the Sunday to this day that she promised to visit reported the issue to the police.

He was earlier called by the girl’s phone where some men who claimed had her in their possession demanded ¢2,000.

After making this demand, a friend who allegedly bears the name Sandra helped Stephen to secure some money and sent it to the kidnappers. The families of the young lady also supported.

The kidnappers have once again demanded ¢2,000 cedis and have finally switched off the cell phone that used to be their only mode of communication.

For about two weeks and counting, the young lady has not made her way back home and this has begun to scare her family.

There are numerous questions and thoughts circulating in the minds of people as they begin to wonder if this is not one of the hoax kidnap cases.

The cry of wolf in this region when there is none is making people contemplate on the authenticity of this reported case.

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