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Road Accident

One dead and several in critical condition at Fosu road accident

One dead and several in critical condition at Fosu road accident 

One life has been lost this evening, as a bus somersaulted on the Fosu road to Cape Coast, exactly at Abura Dunkwa. Abura Dunkwa, which is one of the small towns within the Abura-Asebu-Kwamankese constituency, is the only town that produces cocoa in the whole constituency. The natives of the town are mostly cocoa farmers, because of their rigorous farming of cocoa seedlings. The town produces majority of the central region's cocoa delivery to the country, which are exported by the cocoa board. 

Abura Dunkwa links Fosu to Cape Coast, and it is the main highway also used from Cape Coast to Kumasi, by travellers. The road which is 50km/h in the town and 80km/h outside the town, is often disobeyed by drivers because the town lies on the other side of the road. The road divides the town and the Abura forest into two, and because of that, people usually doesn't cross the road much. This has made several drivers increasing or maintaining their speed of 80km/h, even when they get to the town, without limiting it to the 50. 

A Ford driver coming from Fosu, was heading to Kumasi when it forced itself on the bus road, which ended in the bus somersaulting and killing one. The ford was making an overtaking at Abura Dunkwa, knowing well that it was a town with 50km/h, but disregarded the speed limit since the town lies on the other side of the road. The ford saw the bus coming, but failed to see the speed the bus was coming with. The ford driver thought he can make it fast before the bus approaches him, he didn't know the bus was on speed as the ford. 

The bus tried slowing down but it was impossible for it to halt it's breaks, because of the speed it was coming with. And the Ford didn't stop making the overtaking in the bus lane, and would have caused a major colliding, if the bus didn't get down out of the main road to the pedestrian road. The bus driver made a call of not crashing with the ford, but using the pedestrian road. The speed of the bus was minimum, but the pedestrian road was not roadworthy for the long bus to use, and ended up somersaulting the bus when it's front tyres hit a whole on the pedestrian road. 

The bus tripped on the pedestrian road, and crashed on the highway, whiles the ford and other cars went untouched. The driver was in seat belts, and was stuck in his seat, as the bus crashed. Several people in the bus from the other row except that of the driver's, were injured as their side fell to the asphalt road. One passenger sitting behind the driver, was thrown from her seat and crashed the drivers windscreen, and died on the spot. Over seventeen people were injured, and they are all in the hospital receiving emergency treatment. Five were in coma, at the time they were sent to the hospital. The accident happened few minutes after four in the evening. 

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