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Sad Spectacle Of How Egyambra Dwellers Are Struggling To Use Their Flooded Road

It is mostly difficult to live in rural communities especially in Ghana. Unlike their urban counterparts, most people living in such places lack basic facilities. It sometimes becomes difficult for them to travel due to the poor nature of their roads. Health facilities and potable drinking water have for many years been identified as the striking challenges they are confronted with. 

They have the poorest education facilities and their children are unable to be in better schools unless they travel to the nearby cities. Egyambra and Miamia are two of such communities in the Ahanta West Municipality of the Western Region. Residents in these communities woke up every morning to their fishing and farming expeditions which remains the only source of livelihood for them. 

For young persons and the aged who are unable to be on the farm or go fishing, they might have no other option than to roam about or sleep for the day. One of the biggest challenges in the area is the poor nature of their road. After their farming or fishing expeditions, the cart will have to be transported to the cities of Agona Nkwanta or Takoradi to be sold but due to the poor nature of their road, the farm products are sometimes made to rot. 

The rainy season has further compounded the situation. The road is currently not motorable after a few hours of rainfall in the area. The road which looks tiny has been covered with floodwater. Residents who had no other option than to use the road could be seen carrying their produce in the flood that covers up to almost their waist. 

Riders of okada, which is the main source of transport in the area could be seen finding difficulties in pulling their bikes through the flood. Several efforts by members of the community to get the authorities to fix the road have proven unsuccessful. The rain season has just started, should it get worse the residents might be cut off from the rest of the country. These are some of the critical challenges that need fixing. Authorities must turn their attention to these places and not only go there during elections. 

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