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Did you know that the most polluted river is in Ghana? - Kofi Adoma gives details

The time has come, and it is now to make total changes to our lives and attitudes as Ghanaians. The level of patriotism and a sense of nationality seems to be deteriorating as we continue to drown ourselves in the so-called 21st century Ghana. We might obviously be in the 21st century Ghana but the question is: Do our attitudes and self discipline reflect the 21st century man?

Well, in the Monday 17th May, 2021's edition of the "Anopa bofoo" on Angel FM and TV Accra, a look at some important issues that the country has been battling with successive governments, was brought into focus. Kofi Adoma Nwanwani who reported live from "Circle" in Accra was very disappointed with the scene when he visited the Odaw river. With the presence of various boards inscribed with a fine for anyone who would urinate or "poop" into the river, people were still caught live on camera urinating into the river. When asked why he would do that, the man replied he had no other option because no other place of convenience has been provided.

Kofi made the remarks that, according to statistics, the Odaw river is the second most polluted river in the world if not the first. He was very much disturbed looking at the amount of filth in the river. He called on the authority to take action towards purifying the river.

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