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Flood Festival in Ghana Needs Drastic Measures, Not Promises

The celebration needs no introduction to Ghanaians and foreigners in the country. Scenes are disheartening, ruthless and cruel. For several years, Ghana cannot witness rain in peace. With its least effort, certain places get flooded, road traffic congestions become unbearable, and persons, along properties, are lost. What, at all, are we doing to control the disaster?

After each incident, we hear authorities come to call each other out. The Assemblymen blame the Traditional Council of the area for the illogical sales of lands in water ways. NADMO, also, push the blame to the Assembly for issuing permits to such landlords. Government gets his share as people think our drainages and roads contribute to most of the flood cases. This Blame Game distracts the country from tackling the issue as it should. To make matters worse, we politicize the discussion. It only calls for more impromptu promises without diligent analysis.

We should move pass the petty games and political propagandas. It's time we consider the situation as a national crisis, plan immediate, efficient fixes to buy us more time, and take drastic measures to make flooding a thing of our past. In our long-term solution to the problem, we should let each Assembly and local Chiefs bring the architectural plans of their areas. From there, we can start designing how we want our various towns to look, including sanitation and drainage systems.

At this level of the disaster, we no longer have the room to be too merciful. Hard decisions must be made and the earlier they are taken, the better for all of us.

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