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U/W: We Climb Trees to Make Calls - Community in Upper West

Residents of Baayiri, a community in the Wa East District have expressed concerns over poor telecommunications networks in the community saying, “our dwarf network pole” is not functioning.

They said the situation is affecting their social and economic lives, and even more dangerous in times of emergency.

The residents made this known in an interview with at the community stating that the network mast planted at the community is unable to serve their telecommunications needs.

They said the issue is very worrying because workers such as nurses and teachers posted to the area finds it hesitant in accepting to go to the place due to this challenge.

“We think that the bad network signals in the area is possibly due to the fact that the mast is not tall enough,” Jaato Angaamwine, a resident, observed.

Salifu Toorisung, another resident however opined that the poor service signals provided by the mast could partly be because it is powered by solar energy instead of electricity because the latter is more reliable.

The residents lamented it impossible to make telephone calls at night because the mast cannot provide network service during the nightfall.

Madam Aisah Salifu and Mariam (a.k.a Akose) did confirmed that they able to make telephone calls only after 10 o’clock in the morning each day, a time when the solar cells are powered.

“Our network pole does not function at night, during rainfall and even in the morning until after 10 am. If you had come earlier than this, you wouldn’t get network … it is not pole, it is not good – it is a dwarf.”

The residents called on the service provider, Mobile Telephone Network (MTN Ghana) and those who contributed to the installation of the mast to connect them to a bigger and better service to improve the network situation in the area.

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Baayiri Jaato Angaamwine Salifu Toorisung Wa East District


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