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Man has ended the life of his own brother for this reason - Read Full Story

A 30-years of age man has finished the existence of his sibling at Windy Lodge toward the beginning of today. This tragic frequency was accounted for by certain observers to the Winneba police headquarters around 10am about the homicide of a young fellow named Ahmed who turns out to be a Nigerian. Per the observer's s report, Ahmed and his sibling Scorpion end up being remaining together for around 4 months now since December. 

The inhabitants in the region guarantee Ahmed has had a few squabbles with his sibling for quite a while and most occasions their verbal contentions grow into actual battle. Notwithstanding them remaining under a typical rooftop, it was seen that they regularly undermine each other with death and viciousness. 

Yesterday was their peak as to their verbal contention after Ahmed had supposedly been blamed by his sibling for robbery after his sibling professed to have lost his GH1500 and his iPhone X. 

A few gatherings came in to quiet down the circumstance and they headed out in different directions that evening. Scorpion expressed certain dangers to the perished prior to going out that evening. 

Today, scorpion was seen around the compound as at 7am toward the beginning of the day however nobody examined him regarding his unexpected presence. 

He went out with a portion of his things including a bag and TV. The inhabitants professed to have been tipped of by certain kids about the passing of his sibling after those kids deliberately went to peep through their windows since they generally sit in front of the TV there. Their lights were turned on so it made vision clear from outside. As the occupants entered, the said Ahmed was lying in a pool of blood. His body was shipped off the medical clinic and later shipped off the funeral home for dissection. 

Police guarantee to accumulate more data about this rate and they are expecting to find and capture his sibling, Scorpion, who is straightforwardly connected to this homicide. 

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