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I Lost My Husband, My Two Children Got Imprisoned, And Now This Is What Is Happening To Me

The very least you can do in your life is to figure out what to hope for. And the most you can do is living inside that hope. We have always held on to it with believe that there will always be a better life. Meet Musabyimana Zaukia who is 64 years old.

This is unbelievable but she has been living like that for 17 years now. It is a disorder and she cannot even explain what is happening to her. Neighbours make fun of her saying that she might give birth to an elephant. She always had to try and ignore them when they say this because she cannot go around telling each and every one that she is sick.

According to her, this happened after she had given birth to 3 children. Surprisingly her sister is also facing the same condition in her late 70's. They all do not know what is happening to them since everyone they went to ask for help from found it mysterious.

Zaukia tried to visit a hospital for treatment but they kept transferring her to a lot of hospitals without telling her what actually is wrong with her. She later gave up because she was tired of being tossed around hence they couldn't do anything to change her situation one bit.

Zaukia lives alone and what has been happening to her is unbelievable. Her husband died after giving birth to their last born whilst her 2 other children are in jail. She has sent her last born away to school since she doesn't want her to be mentally affected with the treatment they are getting for her condition.

Life became difficult for her because her husband used to provide everything for them. A few months later she started seeing signs of pregnancy. She thought that was impossible because she had spent a long time without sleeping with any man. She waited to see what it was going to turn into. Her belly started becoming bigger and bigger after she missed her period for some time. The signs showed that she was pregnant but she knew it was impossible.

This pregnancy has been with her for 17 years now and has had no solution even after visiting several hospitals. She just have to sit and hope for a miracle from the Lord.

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