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‘Beauty Slay Queens’ crying over increase in Momo taxes?

The pictures displayed, particularly, those of the private ladies in the article are just for illustration. The subject matter of the article does not relate to them in anyway, any form. 

According to Ursula Owusu, the Minister of Communications, anybody that transfers a GHC100 to another person using the electronic money transfer device is not poor; and therefore the decision by government to impose 1. 75% on electronic money transfer is just and a legitimate tax regime.

Definitely, one should expect such a position from Ursula. She is one Minister who hasn’t endeared herself very well to many Ghanaians because of her brashness. Again it exposes her ineptitude in the art of communication. On the score of such obvious limitations, one could pardon the Ablekuma Central MP.

NPP communicators on the other hand, have tried very hard to put up some bravery in their defence of the electronic taxes, with some arguing that the reality of the poor state of the Ghanaian economy calls for drastic measures devoid of any form of cosmetic populism, if we need a way out of the doldrums.

That’s sound logical than to suggest people sending GH100 through mobile device are wealthy enough. We’ve had people who send GH100 to their families through momos on an emergency calls. Such people cannot be said to be rich; but only responding to a family duty-bound obligation and other exigencies of the times.

But the biggest fun going round town, in the wake of the Finance Minister’s announcement of the e-taxes is the supposed wailing of the Slay Beauty Queens. These are some of the most beautiful ladies about town. They will do anything possible to get the attention of men and their reward is nothing short of hard cash.

Check out their poses on Instagram and other social media handles. Very exotic, appealing and any man spoilt for leisure and pleasure will love hooking up `with any such damsels. Interestingly, some of them have their addresses and numbers displayed on their social media handles. And they really mean business.

You can guess why? They are up for fun and leisure; and have an alluring personality that can easily hook up any man. Some earn a living through such hook-ups and it easier getting their pays through the electronic money transfer device or systems.

With that everything is coded. None sees their gaming. Some of the ladies even demand payment of their services through the electronic payment before they oblige to the “home-call or inside the hotel services”.

Other hard-pressed ladies would go at any length to request money from guys that they are familiar with without necessarily committing to any payment in kind. Similarly, even men in positions as similar as that of the stated ladies also request for financial assistance from close associates through the electronic transfers.

One would not need to travel anywhere to get the fund support. They sit in their homes, offices and even on the streets and presto, the notification is given “you have a transfer of GH100.” But with the special e-tax, individuals and mostly women who are believed to be slay queens would be wondering how their source of funding is likely to be affected by the new tax regime.

This is because their regular GH100 transfer that previously attracted only GH1.00 will now attract GH2.50ps. Just imagine, someone sending GH500 which previously attracted just GH5.00. With the new dispensation, same amount will now attract GH15.00.

Times too are not normal. It’s a real difficulty getting money these days because of the depressing state of the country’s economy. Paying even GH1.00 tax on GH100.00 has not been that easy, let alone to over-double it.

For now, the cry in town has been what will be the fate of the ladies who overly rely on electronic money transaction for their livelihoods? Tough one to call! Maybe they would need to device other means of surviving.

Content created and supplied by: RKeelson (via Opera News )

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