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Just In: Camera Footage Of Broad Daylight Robbery At Achimota

Robbery cases are becoming too rampant in this country. It appears our security services are not doing much to curb these incidents. Now robbers have no fear to rob people in broad daylight. Checking the camera footage very well, a 4 x 4 vehicle stopped in traffic to buy something from a hawker.

In about 40 seconds six guys on three motorbikes surrounded the vehicle. One of the guys on the motorbike got off the okada holding gun. The hawker upon seeing the gun in the robbers' hand decided to run away. At this point, the other five guys are standing in front of this 4 x 4 and there is another vehicle behind them.

The armed robber pointed a gun at the driver of the 4 x 4 vehicle and open the door. There was another guy on the other side of the vehicle trying to open the front door but he couldn't. The driver then handed him a bag that is alleged to contain money. The robbers then got on their okada and drove off. The video has no sound but some Ghanaians believe that they threatened the driver with their guns which is why he gave them his money.

Some Ghanaians after coming across this video said that there is a high probability that these armed robbers were monitoring this car from afar. And they know that there is money in the vehicle. If it was a random robbery, they would have robbed the car behind the 4 x 4 vehicle as well.

You can also watch the video through this Facebook link below:

Credit: The Ghana Report

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