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While Working in Saudi Arabia, I Sent my Salary to my Son, This is What He Did With The Money

Alice, a woman who left her children to travel to Saudi Arabia, narrates her story. Alice left her children in Saudi Arabia to work as a house help. She said her boss was nice to her but refused to raise her salary despite taking good care of her aged mother very well. Alice sent all her salary to her son.

She sent all of her salary money to her son while working in Saudi Arabia, who in turn managed her money very well and built two houses, purchased three vehicles for transportation, one motor for transportation, opened two poultry, one for chickens and one for pigs, stocked two rooms with yams, purchased five plots of land, and established a small business.

Alice quit her job as a house help when her boss refused to raise her pay. She rented a house and worked for seven different people every day as a house helper and was paid daily. Alice became an agent, bringing other women to Saudi Arabia, charging them she was making enough money. Alice said working in Saudi Arabia was heaven for her.

After working in Saudi Arabia for 10 years, she returned and was happy with how her son managed her money. She now has a source of income while managing her pig and chicken farms. She urges people who misuse money that is sent from Saudi Arabia to know that working in Saudi Arabia is tiresome. Invest the money wisely.

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