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3 Students Stole Headmaster's Goat At Kumasi SDA Senior High And This Happened To Them

3 Students Stole Headmaster's Goat At Kumasi SDA Senior High And This Happened To Them

A story that has been trending this week has been on top and people do not understand. In some way it's funny but trust me it's serious and parents and teachers must always seek to it that school children will always comport themselves. Though there's a saying that "Charity begins at home" but in this 21st century some parents find it difficult to control their children the expected.

Three students from the SDA Senior High School in Kumasi have stolen headmaster's goat. These Students is believed that they are boarders and we all know that at boarding houses there are rules and regulations governing the school so if you cannot follow the rules do not be a boarder rather be a day Students.

These three boys after the authorities found out that they stole the goat, they were deboardnized from the school boarding house.

In the letter it says, Kwarteng Edward, Osei Kwabena Afriyie and Oppong Davis Owusu all of (PAUL NSIAH HOUSE) are not to be seen around the boarding house as they have been withdrawn from the boarding house.

Though the letter does not have a date but it's believe that it happened this month (March).

Parents and teachers must always be strict on the children. Today in Ghana, when a student is being punished by a teacher for wrong doing, the child will then insult the teacher which is bad.

Students must be very careful of what they do or say because you think you are doing someone but who knows tomorrow? No one!

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Kumasi Kwarteng Edward Oppong Osei Kwabena Afriyie SDA


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