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Road Accident

Five critically injured after Koase-Wenchi road crash

Five people have been admitted at the Wenchi Government Hospital following an accident this morning at Koase, a suburb of Wenchi. The five, identified as Emmanuel Acheampong, Eric Agyei, Yaw Kudoma, Elizabeth Wingadam and Ato Brakye, were involved in an accident when their sedan corolla vehicle collided with a tree.

The three backseat passengers (Yaw Kudoma, Emmanuel Acheampong, and Ato Brakye) were hit with head, arm and leg injuries while the front seat passenger, Elizabeth Wingadam sustained leg injuries only. Eric Agyei, the driver of the vehicle, sustained head injuries, chest injuries and abdomen injuries when the steering wheel of the vehicle pressed him to his seat. It was a miracle the driver survived looking at the nature of the accident, an eyewitness stated. 

The tree crushed the front bonnet of the car, destroying the entire engine hood and the car windscreen leading to the driver escaping with a slight margin. The driver was closer to death and it took us over fifty minutes before we were able to save him, Ansong Opoku, an eyewitness and rescuer to the accident narrated. 

Ansong, was riding on his motorcycle from Koase to Wenchi when he witnessed the accident at 10:40 this morning. According to Ansong, Eric Agyei was overspeeding on the road and didn't know there was a sharp curve at Koase cemetery junction. 

The Koase cemetery junction is a 4km junction away from the Koase township, and it is a junction with a sharp curve. The driver of the Corolla sedan Eric Agyei, blamed the cause of the accident to the lack of road signs on the road. According to Eric, if there was a warning sign on the road, he been a first-timer driver on the road, would have known and slowed down. 

It is unclear whether the Wenchi police will prosecute the case, but from what had been gathered, Eric may face charges of reckless driving on the road. The police haven't made any move but from what has been gathered from eyewitnesses and people closer to the case, Eric will be arrested as soon as he is discharged. 

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