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Ghana Police rises on Qnet. Tens of operatives in custody.

Lots of Ghanaian investors have suffered bitterly under various investment policies and management in recent times.

Menzgold has gained a nationwide notoriety over an alleged scam.

Thousands of Ghanaians had investsd millions of Cedis into the Menzgold investment venture, but had those funds locked up after the Bank of Ghana had subjected the entity to a strict proof.

Gold Coast Security and other investment entities suffered the same fate under the Nana Addo led administration.

Most customers of these companies did not take lightly the measures by the government to clamp down on these alleged 'fraudulent' activities of the various alleged 'fraudulent' companies.

Many took to the streets to protest against the government's action over the perceived "fraudulent" investment companies.

Some 'celebrities' took a strong stance against the government decision over Mengold.

Bulldog, Shatta Wale's manager unleashed a barrage of vituperative attacks on the Nana Addo led government in respect of the Mengold ordeal.

Years on, Mengold hasn't been able to defray the varying degrees of debts it owes Ghanaians.

Another suspicious enterprise by name, Qnet is also making news headlines.

The Ghana Police Service has risen on the activities of Qnet with a certain sense of urgency.

QNET has maintained that it is a direct selling company that provides customers around the world with unique high-quality products and services while giving customers the opportunity to build a sales business by promoting the products. Qnet sells products online to clients.

The company trades products ranging from energy, nutrition, personal care, luxury and collectables, accessories, cosmetics, vehicles, holidays and education among others

Under its business module, independent representatives” (IRs) of the company receive $250 commission after they introduce the products to six people, placing three people on their left and three people on their right, described as two ‘legs’. When an IR introduces a new customer who then becomes an IR if they so wish, the original IR benefits (by receiving bonus points) from the success of their recruit.

Over 10,000 people working under Qnet in Ghana

Qnet claimed that its network had employed 10,000 people in Ghana who earn between 1,000-10,000 dollars per month.

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