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I caught a man leaving my room and after we threatened to arrest him, he confessed, Lady says

A Nigerian woman has taken to her Twitter handle to describe what occurred in her condo when she returned home for the afternoon. This Nigerian woman whose username is "Cira" said that she discovered somebody leaving her condo when she entered and the individual explicitly denied truly being there. 

After a few influences and danger to capture him, "Cira" said that the man admitted that he had an extra key to the loft for as far back as one year and he had been entering the condo to have a good time and lay on the bed. Additionally, "Cira" said that the man was not repentant in spite of the way that he used to burn-through her food varieties at whatever point she was out. 

Indeed "Cira" said that the man attempted to truly attack her if not due to individuals who immediately went to her guide. The man took steps to beat "Cira" in the event that she considered him a cheat. 

At the point when found out if she had announced the case to the property manager, "Cira" said that she had revealed the case to the landowner and that was the point at which she found that the man was the person who washed the house when it was redesigned and he kept an extra of the way to himself. This episode occurred in Lagos State. As indicated by "Cira", the man approached the front and secondary passage. 

As per "Cira", the man ended up being a shoemaker who consistently remains at the door of the house. What are your contemplations concerning the issue? Do you uphold changing secures at whatever point one moves in another house?

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