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(Sad News): A Man With One Leg Working And Carrying A Bag Of Maize For Daily Survival Goes Viral.

In Africa today, there are so many handicaps and disabled persons in every country. You won’t enter into any country in Africa where you would see all of them normal, though handicaps are in every country but since I’m in Africa, I talk about what I see in Africa. There are so many handicaps especially in Ghana, you mostly see them at the roadside begging for money, this is because there is nowhere for them to get money for food and other staffs.

But there is this man who always works hard for his daily survival. Today Ltv Ghana as we went around for our daily interviews on the street, we came across with this humble man called Abdul Karim.

Through the interview, per what he said, he made mentioned that he is a married man of four children, though God didn’t create him like this but it was an accident which occurred and made him like this.

He continued that, there is no food for the lazy man so he always works hard to cater for his four children, though he is disabled. He said that, after the accident occurred his own family especially his own mother have turned their back to him, his wife has started to behave someway which is very hurtful and painful so that made him to stand up and work hard.

He ended by saying no pain no gain.

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