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Road Accident

Driver Transporting Human Bones In Brief Case Arrested In Suhum By The Youth

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It's very serious when you hear certain news that sounds like Ananse story, but it's real. 

Just in the Eastern region, a small town called Ayensu, is really trending because of the sudden issues we have been hearing coming out of the place. 

Two guys have been arrested in the area, transporting human bones, and when they were asked who sent them? They replied by saying that, they are transporting it to a fetish priest in the next town called “Kwamekyer3 krom" 

The information coming out after their arrest was that, The two guys where believed to be named Awartey David Okra (22) years, who was the driver and Amewuvo Nicholas (20) was also holding the bag case with the human bones. 

So it was said that, there was a hint given to one of the leaders in the town that, there is a taxi coming into the community with the car number, GE 5063-15. The car was transporting the bones from suhum and heading towards the town. So the leader who was named Isaac per the report a, without hesitating called two strong men as at that time and went to the road side, and low and behold, the car was approaching them. So they stopped the car and believe me the first person run away leaving 2 people left in the car, so they explained where they are going to, but the people intended to investigate and check the car before. So upon checking, they found this brief case field with a packaged human bones.

So the matter was reported to the nearby Police station, and the driver attempted to give his report by saying that, The bones were given to them by a fetish priest popularly known as Joka inside suhum, who sent them to go and give it to his fellow fertish priest called Gagba. 

The mysterious experience was that, the police were told that, Gagba is in the house but only going to his room, he is no where to be found. But there were other human skeletal parts, found in his room. So as at now, the police are looking for this two Fertish Priests to question them for an answer, as to where they got those bones.

This is the news coming out from Eastern region.

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