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After $1.2 million Was Mistakenly Sent To Her Account, Check Out What This Woman Did With The Money

Honesty is a facet of moral character connoting positive and noble qualities such as honesty, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including frank actions, and the absence of deceit, cheating, stealing. In today's world, saying an honest person is very rare.

A business just mistakenly sent a whopping $1.2 million in Nigeria currency to Kelyn Spadoni in Louisiana.

Instead, waiting or going to the bank to reimburse the money the woman went ahead to buy a home, car and other luxury things. Reportedly, she ignored all calls, emails and texts sent to her account.

Report has it that the corporation sues her for fraudulent conduct, this incident was recorded back in February, and the lady involved ignored bank calls, texts and emails.

The lady had early signed a deal to repay the corporation with overpayment funds.

Charles Schwab, her company is demanding that she refund the entire sum because the money was wrongly sent from the bank's machine malfunction

Her firm was supposed to give Spadoni $82 (N31,201), but she ended up wiring $1.2 million (N456,600,000) to her account due machine error. Spadoni was arrested on April 7 and released on N149,812.73.

The young lady is currently in court and charged for refusing to return money.

The business claimed ownership of the house and car it purchased. She was fired from her position as a 911 dispatcher.

Being truthful and open-hearted is always nice, don't be a liar anyway.

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