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Achimota Saga: They Knew That More Truth Would Be Exposed From The Documents That Were Flooded

Part of the Achimota Forest is no more Achimota Forest and belongs to the Owoo family which means it is a cover-up.

The Achimota Forest's intent is not to be given to the Owoo family but it is the politicians that are selling and sharing it amongst themselves.

They are doing this for their personal future needs and to convert the Achimota Forest into Real Estate houses after their tenure of office is over.

I have also seen that the family has made a move to bring more details with words that what we all are hearing is a partial truth.

Akufo-Addo should not entirely be blamed though it happened under his watch and during his tenure.

Is it a coincidence that the lands commission had its office flooded amidst the Achimota Issue?

The lands commission was supposed to do an investigation of this case and just within two days, their office has flooded with all the documents missing.

They knew that we would find out more truth from the documents so they cooked a lie together with the flood to save the politicians.

These were the words of an anonymous person named Nana on Pinax tv concerning Sir John and the Achimota Forest Saga. Here's the link to the full video:

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