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The Moment Two Slay Queens Dirtied Themselves In Public Because Of A Man

This generation of ours is really going wayward as things happening are either surprising or shocking. There is a video trending on the internet of late which has attracted many viewers and reactions towards it. The video that have been circulating features two unknown slay queens fighting dirty and very hard.

Fights over boys or wealthy men is becoming rampant and normal in these days among the young ladies these days. The video have been trending online because of some wild scenes in the video. The slay queens undresses each other in the course of the fight as they were both very angry. Both of them wants to claim ownership of the unidentified guy which sparked and resulted them into the fight.

In the video, the ladies were seen slapping the hell of each other and also trading blows at a saloon. The question is; Who is going to pay for the damages they’ve cost? As we can see there was a total damage at the shop.

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