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Only In Ghana: How Can Such A Situation Be Possible?

There is no single day that we get up without hearing or seeing strange and shocking things. From the absolutely bizarre to the downright funny. Whiles some get you thinking deeply, others just do not make sense.

From the deliberate break of rules and regulation to awkward happenings which ideally should not happen.

One of the common yet disturbing occurrence is vehicular accidents. If you happen to use the Accra-Tema motorway on a regular basis, one thing you would realize is that accidents are a common scene. From the fatal to the minor ones. It is so rampant that those who use it regularly can barely count days they do not see some on the that road.

Though not a justification, one can reason that, since the motorway is designed to have many vehicles of different sizes using it at the same time, there is always a high possibility of something going wrong and leading to accident. But what of the scenario in the picture posted here.

As to how a whole car, size irrespective, was able to enter a drain and still look almost unscathed. It also doesn’t not look like it was washed away through the drain during a flood and got there. The back story to this scene would surely be an interesting one. What do you however caused this?

Never be surprised if such things when you live in Ghana, everything is possible. It is weekend and this is for your reading pleasure.

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Accra-Tema Ghana


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