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Polygyny Life: Meet Kadel The Man With 8 Wives And More Than 50 Children.

Kadel is a polygyny man from Kenya. He has 8 wives and more than 50 children. He does not even know the number of children he has because he stopped counting when they got to 50.

His children do not go to school as he could not afford to pay school fees for each of them. Instead, he is planning to build a school, so teachers can come and teach them.

According to him, when he gets married to a woman, it is the responsibility of the wife to search for his next bride. The latest wife must always bring in a new one. This is how come there are eight of them yet, he is still not satisfied. But then it was not always this way, as he spent 10 years with his first wife before he decided to have more. He owns lands and goats.

He and the family live off the property. Every new wife that comes always gets a portion of the land and some goats in that way, she will build a house there on the land and take care of her own children. This is how they lived, but he is not satisfied as every time he sees and likes a lady, he tells someone to spread the rumor until it gets to his wives, and it is their responsibility to go get the lady for him.

They all live comfortable until the children starts to go to school, that was when it became difficult. He sold part of his land and goats, but it still wasn't enough to sustain them. His oldest is 40 years of age and has moved out to start his life. The youngest is only a month old, but he still wants more.

However, in his culture men do not count children and that is why he doesn't know the number of children he has. Despite all this, they are happy to live together.

Do you think it is a good idea for one man to have such a big family and still wants more?

kindly tell me your opinion in the comments below.

Thank you for Reading.

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